diciembre 15, 2010


"SVOM, a space mission to study gamma-ray bursts and the young universe"
Jean-Luc Atteia (Laboratoire d'Astrophysique de Toulouse, Francia)
12 hrs.
Auditorio Paris Pishmish, IA

First, this colloquium will present the science goals of the Sino-French space mission SVOM. (Space-based multi-band astronomical Variable Objects Monitor). From 2015, SVOM will shed new light on the physics of relativistic jets, the explosions of massive stars and the birth of stellar mas black holes, the history of star formation, the detection of very distant galaxies and the reionization of the universe at the end of the "dark ages". SVOM will also contribute to the development of non-photonic astrophysics with the distribution of the times and directions of GRBs to future gravitational wave and neutrno detectors.

This description of the scientific objectives will be complemented by a detailed presentation of the mission: instruments, operations, status of the project, with a special emphasize on the "Ground Follow-up Telescope", which is the subject of an active collaboration between IA-UNAM and the IRAP in Toulouse, France.

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