abril 10, 2010

Taller de Astrofísica Avanzada Guillermo Haro

Queridos colegas,

Es un placer invitarles a la XIII edición del Taller de Astrofísica Avanzada Guillermo Haro, que tomará lugar del 12 al 30 de Julio de este 2010 en el INAOE. El tópico de este año es: Supercúmulos Estelares: formación evolución y retroalimentación. Esperamos contar con su participación así como con la de otros colegas en vuestros centros de trabajo, interesados también en estos temas.

Como ya es una tradición, colegas adscritos a centros de investigación en México no tendrán que hacer ninguno de los desembolsos mencionados en la carta de invitación aquí adjunta.

Aquí incluimos la carta de invitación personal así como un mini-cuestionario que nos permitirá organizar el programa científico y la logística del Taller.

Con un cordial saludo,

Los organizadores.

Dear colleagues,

It is our great pleasure to invite you to join us at the 13th edition of the Guillermo Haro Workshop, which will take place at the INAOE campus in Tonantzintla, Puebla, Mexico July 12 - 30, 2010. The subject of the workshop is "Compact superstar clusters, birth, evolution and feedback". The workshop is to consider observations and theory on massive compact clusters, nuclear and circumnuclear cluster, as well as the possible connection with supermassive black holes and the AGN phenomena.

Note that Guillermo Haro Workshops are by invitation-only attendance events.
This year we are expecting to host about 30 world leading experts on these topics. The format of the workshop allows for general and frontier research talks every morning (Monday - Friday) as well as for specialized discusion meetings every afternoon. The idea is to have the opportunity to work in a pleasant atmosphere with other experts in the field. This will allow for the definition of new projects as well as for profound discussions dealing with the most recent results and thus for a rapid progress on your own research.
Clearly, during the workshop you will be asked to give one of the main talks and help us create groups interested on some of the main topics and unsolved questions.

INAOE has a large infrastructure that counts with the required offices, bedrooms, conference rooms, dinning rooms, etc. This allows us to reduce largely the costs of the meeting which is 250 US$ per week only for tose participants accommodated in the INAOE campus. This includes the accommodation throughout the week (150US$) and breakfast and lunch from Mondays through Fridays (100 US$). Please note that there is only a small number of large flats in the campus which should be booked well in advance
in case you would like to come with you family. Accompanying persons hosted at INAOE will only have to cover the Monday to Friday breakfast and lunch expense of 100 US$ per week. If you prefer to stay in the city of Puebla or in Cholula we will be happy to provide you with a list of hotels. The Hotel price for a single room, per night, is about 80 to 120 US$.
We are also planning an optional excursion to Oaxaca city and to El Tajin archaeological site in Veracruz, during the meeting week ends. As usual, there will be several celebrations more during the workshop.


Guillermo Tenorio-Tagle (gtt@inaoep.mx)
Divakara Mayya (ydm@inaoep.mx),
Daniel Rosa (danrosa@inaoep.mx),
Sergiy Silich (silich@inaoep.mx).

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